Michael G. Manhattan, NY. 5/31/2018

Great place, knowledgeable, professional, great results. Help is offered from the very beginning. Highly recommend!


Nina N. New Jersey, 5/16/2018

Nicholas was very professional and caring. I got into a car accident. It was hit and run. He took the case and delivered the exact result he had promised. He gave me confidence in search of justice. Most importantly he was very responsive. I highly recommend him and his office!


Arthur K., Manhattan, NY. 2/15/2018

Very professional and easy to deal with. Mr Yankilevich is very knowledgeable, responsive, and caring every step of the way. Highly recommended!


Eugene F. Manhattan, NY 5/14/2017

I worked with Mr. Yankilevich several times in the past and experience was always positive. Responsive, professional, knowledgeable, extremely easy to deal with, very competent and reasonable. Highly Recommend!


Ivan B. Brooklyn, NY, 2/18/2014

Great Service , I will go again if I need it . They helped me a lot ..


Alex F. Brooklyn, NY 4/23/2013

my family has used this office for several cases. car accident, and then a store rental agreement. each time the service we get is superb. mr. yankilevich is caring and professional. A+


Leonid K. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY 4/15/2013

Great Experience, when you need an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge in general law Nick will make all your contract experience easy and swift. Highly recommended!!!!


Stanley N. Brooklyn, NY 12/10/2012

Professional, knowledgeable and fair, Nick won’t screw you or let you enter into a case just to waste your time.


Sergey B. Queens, NY 11/16/2012

I’ve consulted with Mr. Yankilevich on a number of legal issues over the last few years and he’s always been able to help. He is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, and always pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend.


Valerie O. Brooklyn, NY 11/16/2012

I came to this firm seeking help with a Landlord-tenant issue.This firm came highly recommended so my expectations were high. I am happy to write that my expectations were met, and overall experience was great. Mr. Yankilevich had full control of my case from the getgo and was always responsive and courteous. Good luck!


Michele H. Staten Island, 12/16/2011

My friend recommended Gennady Yankilevich when I needed help with my new business. Gennady helped me with my lease, corporation papers and liquor license application. He helped me negotiate the terms of the lease and saved me a lot of money. Thanks to him, liquor license was approved and I am now in business. I don’t usually write reviews, but I was compelled to write a review because of the great quality service I received.


Erik G. Brooklyn, NY. 8/14/2011

I have dealt with Mr. Yankilevich several times over the last 2 years and he has always been prompt and friendly with great results. He is a real pleasure to work with and I will certainly use him in the future.


Anton G. New York, NY. 4/18/2011

Personal service, professional advice – very knowledgeable. Unlike other lawyers I called, Gennady was willing to talk to me right away, was patient to hear the full story and give his honest and direct opinion. I ended up hiring him as my representative and was very happy with the settlement of the case.


Semyon A. Staten Island, NY. 3/6/2011

Courteous and professional. Their main goal is repeat customers, and that pretty much says it all.

What I loved is that you dont get to deal with paralegals or secretaries. Whether you visit, or call on the phone, you always get to speak with an attorney and not some assistant. No games, no empty promises, just quality results


Pauline S. Bronx, NY. 03/16/2010

Professional straight forward service. No gimmicks or bait and switch tactics. Everything that the lawyer promised me was delivered with no surprises. I was confident letting him represent my needs and choices. They lawyer always had my best interest in mind. Would absolutely recommend his services to others in need of legal assistance.