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At the Law Office of Gennady Yankilevich P.C., we have practiced personal injury, education law and business law in the state of New York and New Jersey for over two decades. Our firm has the experience and legal knowledge to ensure that every option is exhausted in the pursuit of maximum compensation following an accident.

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Recent Decisions and Settlements

$1,400,000 – CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT – Back and shoulder injuries sustained by a laborer who fell off a 2 story scaffold due to its unsafe assembly.

$900,000 – MEDICAL MALPRACTICE – Brain injury sustained by a baby during negligent vacuum-assisted delivery.

$875,000 – PREMISES LIABILITY – Hip fracture and knee injury, resulting in total knee replacement, sustained by a Bronx woman, who fell in a store due to a wet floor.

$300,000 – SCHOOL BULLYING/HARASSMENT – 11y old boy sustained physical and lasting mental injuries due to repeated and relentless intimidation and harassment by class mates, culminating in a physical assault. Bullying was solely due to his feminine appearance and demeanor.

$300,000 – PEDESTRIAN KNOCKDOWN/AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT – Facial injuries, dental implants and multiple fractures sustained by a New Jersey man when he was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the road.

$250,000 – SNOW AND ICE ACCIDENT – Shoulder, arm and back injuries sustained by an elderly Brooklyn man who slipped and fell in his driveway that was improperly cleared of snow and ice by the landlord.

$185,000 – PREMISES LIABILITY – Fractured humerus and herniated disc injury sustained by a tenant in a residential building, who fell in the lobby due to slippery floor left wet by the janitor.

$125,000 – PEDESTRIAN KNOCKDOWN/AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT– Multiple fractures sustained by a Brooklyn woman when she was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the road.

$110,000 – SCHOOL LIABILITY/NEGLIGENT SUPERVISION – 3y old boy shook violently, tied up, and choked by his teacher/care taker who was upset that the boy was misbehaving and wouldn’t stop screaming.

$100,000 – AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT – Knee injury sustained by a Bronx man when his vehicle was T-boned at an intersection by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.